Simplifying Machine Learning: Less is More

Machine Learning

As businesses across the globe accelerate their digitalisation efforts, they are increasingly captivated by the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Companies, especially those new to AI […]

Analytics for a Better World

Analytics for a Better World

I, Sophie, attended the Analytics for a Better World (ABW) annual conference at Amsterdam Business School on May 24th. This event brought together speakers and panelists from different groups: nonprofits, […]

A/B testing: In statistics we trust

a/b test

Although the simple mention of the word ‘statistics’ might make your skin crawl, statistics are an essential tool of A/B testing. We created a simple cheat sheet to help you […]

Don’t focus on time-on-site


At The Data Story we try to make data understandable. To us, that is one of the most important aspects of turning data into gold. Once you understand what the […]

Attribution Modeling explained:

Attribution modeling explained

Since we are a Data Agency, we get many requests about Attribution Modeling. We agree, it’s definitely possible to make a lot of fancy models using data. In many cases […]