Training & Workshops

Knowledge and experience are only valuable if you can share them. And we do so with pleasure! We run training and workshops to help you collect, monitor, analyse and use data even better. You can learn how to let data work for you effectively.

Workshops & Training

Bringing knowledge and expertise in-house

During our workshops we work with the participants on a case. By using examples from practice, we show the factors that are involved and why certain choices are necessary. The workshop brings the process of data collection, monitoring and analysis to light. At the end of the workshop you will have worked out your case and will be ready to start working on it.

Do you want to go a step further with the team? Then we will give your team the necessary skills to start working yourself. We run our training and workshops at your preferred location, at our office or in-company.

Trainingen & Workshops

Storytelling with Data

How do you turn zeros and ones into a meaningful story? Many people find it difficult to turn the findings from data analysis into a good story or an interesting presentation whose findings completely engage the audience. We share examples of effective visualisations during the course. But more important still, we give you the tools to use any type of data to create an engaging visual with which to tell the right story.

Duration: Half a day

Making optimised and user-friendly dashboards

Is more always better? No. And certainly not in the case of dashboards. A good dashboard is clearly presented and invites users to click through the information flow. In this course we go through a lot of the design rules that we uphold. We will practice applying these rules correctly.

Duration: Half a day

Efficiently using BigQuery and Google Cloud platform

The cloud offers the best options and, within that, we are a huge fan of BigQuery. If you want to know how to use queries, the data sources to be linked, and the other functionalities to get the best out of BigQuery and GCP, we will show you which functionalities and functions you definitely need to know in BigQuery. We will also cover how to connect and use a good set-up to convert data into value.

Duration: Half a day