Google Analytics 4 training

GA4 training

De 4e The 4th generation of Google Analytics will be the new standard in just under a year. That will take some more time, you might say, yet it is advisable to get started with Google Analytics 4 soon. Not only do you need to build historical data to keep making comparisons, you also need to become familiar with the new aspects and facets of GA4. With this Google Analytics 4 training, we'll get you ready!

for who:

This training is for anyone who wants to know all the ins and outs of the latest version of Google Analytics! So if you also need or want to start working with GA4 and get the most out of it, then this training is also for you. Whether you are an analyst, marketer or C-level.


During the training, the theory is covered using steps to make it as understandable as possible. Our programme is structured as follows:

  • The history of Google Analytics, so that you understand the approach and considerations with which GA4 was created. With this, you can benefit a lot by figuring out what is possible and figuring out the way to do it.
  • Compare Universal Analytics and GA4 so you know where your opportunities, pain points and any shortcomings lie.
  • The GA4 interface. A practical walkthrough to get started quickly and as the session and participants go deeper and deeper into the capabilities. So we look at setup, reporting, advertising and work on cases together.
  • Exploring DataStudio. GA4's new functionalities make a lot more possible in terms of analysis and reporting. Learn to use this free tool from Google to arrive at insights you can't get from the interface by default.
  • Setting up tracking based on the GA4 model for an optimal measurement plan and data model.
  • Linking BigQuery to extract the raw data and thus the real gold from GA4.


  • Setting up and measuring goals in GA4 for marketing purposes
  • Doing in-depth analysis with the new event mode
  • Using explorer in GA4
  • Customising the standard reports to fit what you need
  • Using GA4 data in data studio

Time: Half a day

Top trainers from the field

Niels Reijmer The Data Story

Niels Reijmer

“You will rarely hear me say ‘that’s not possible’. I will almost always find a solution by looking at technical issues from different perspectives.”

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