As an entrepreneur or supervisor, you want to know exactly what issues are at play and want to be able to completely trust the information you receive. You will miss nothing with our reliable dashboard. Set your priority data so that you can see at a glance what is important. Make connections and make complex analyses with a flick of the switch. A user-friendly dashboard that displays your data visually.


Dashboard options


  • Cleaned and directly available source required
  • 1 data join
  • Clear translation to KPIs and insights
  • 1 dashboard
Entirely without obligation


  • Raw data sources modelled for the dashboard
  • 4 data joins
  • Clear translation to KPIs and insights
  • Up to 5 dashboards/tabs
  • Design of KPI and metrics model
Entirely without obligation


Upon request
  • Entire reporting tables modeled
  • Unlimited number of sources
  • KPI tree and metrics model defined and worked out
  • Unlimited number of reports and dashboards
  • Optional continuous support
  • Workshop on using the dashboard
Entirely without obligation