Our Story

Jeroen and Niels worked together at the Bijenkorf department store. Jeroen then went freelance, and Niels stayed and built a team. At a Christmas party, the men reminisced about their work and before they knew it, The Data Story was born. They threw themselves into this new adventure with passion and conviction and put together a team of top data specialists. Together, we are The Data Story. An agency of experts with our own strong vision. 

This is what we stand for

The Data Story is an agency of experts. We do not believe in the impossible. We will always find a solution if we think that there is value to be gained from findings, analyses or models. This is the bar that we set for ourselves and is what our clients can expect from us. We help you derive value from your data and we will not make it more complicated than it is. Making the connection between data and operations is key. We do not keep our knowledge and experience to ourselves, but we will share it with you. We inform, bring new ideas and will even sometimes provoke to get the best out of the group. We dare leave the well-trodden path to do this. Our goal is to create value. With much pleasure and passion, we bring everyone that is interested along in this process to achieve that goal.

Jeroen Bakker

“Data speaks volumes and is the foundation and input for the issues at play in a company. By making data visual, it becomes recognisable for everyone.”

I started my career in the financial world. That is where I learned the value of good analysis and how to translate it into action and understanding. I then moved from the banking world to retail. A few years and a lot of projects on data analysis and data visualisation later, I set up The Data Story with Niels.

Niels Reijmer

“You will rarely hear me say ‘that’s not possible’. I will almost always find a solution by looking at technical issues from different perspectives.”

I learned the basics at the University of Eindhoven where I studied Computer Science, Statistics and Psychology. I graduated in the user experience of recommender systems. I started my career as a web analyst for the Dutch Consumers Union. I then started working for the Bijenkorf department store as a data analyst. I worked on implementing analytics trackers, data pipelines, a data warehouse and personalisation. Armed with my experience at the Consumers Union and the Bijenkorf, I set up The Data Story with Jeroen.

Daniël van Leeuwen

“I get a lot of satisfaction from automation, improving and solving operating processes. Every company is different, but there’s something to improve everywhere.”

I have worked at several large companies, one of which was in the logistics sector. I worked on optimising the work processes and automating reports. After building a strong and reliable foundation, I moved to the IT world. I was then responsible for implementing a new BI platform for one of the biggest retailers in the Netherlands. I then continued my career as a Data Consultant at The Data Story. I help companies get the most out of their data and use my knowledge and experience for a lot of clients and projects.

Jorian Faber

“Data and creativity go hand in hand. I get excited just thinking about innovative solutions and finding patterns that are not obvious.”

My name is Jorian and I am 20 years old. I am a third year Computer Science and Engineering student at TU Delft. Apart from my studies I am an active member of Laga in Delft. It is one of the biggest and oldest rowing clubs. I do sports fanatically, work on creative initiatives and enjoy student life. Data is really my thing so I am completely at home in the friendly and encouraging workspace of The Data Story!

Andrei Fekete

“I am passionate about learning new technologies, simplifying processes, automation, and creating really usable solutions.”

I started my career in the telecommunications sector where I climbed the career ladder from student operator to report analyst. I learned how important data-driven decisions are in a company’s operations in all departments, and how I could support my colleagues with reports and analyses. After that I worked as a report developer & consultant. I got the opportunity to learn about new company solutions and processes in various sectors such as financial services, telecommunications, energy and utilities.