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Story Telling with Data (English)


Story Telling with Data is our most booked training of the year 2022!

Turning data into insights and presenting them in a way that everyone understands. This can often be challenging. The trick is in processing it into intuitive visuals so that the reader can easily see when and on what to take action. This may sound simple, but how do you put everything together? And how do you make sure you don’t lose anyone in your story during the presentation?

By going into how we as humans process information and how to use this knowledge to build visuals, dashboard and reports, you learn to make an impact with your insights and analysis. The training is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to turn data into a story. Are you a reporting specialist, who needs to bring a lot of information together into a dashboard. Or an analyst who needs to convey analyses and associated insights to your internal or external customers. Then this training could help you to maximize this!

Using a case example, we practice to maximize the following points.

  • Building a story to make your insights speak volumes
  • Understand the human brain’s way of processing information and transform it into intuitive visuals and dashboards
  • Be able to link multiple types of charts to a goal
  • Process multiple graphs into a cohesive whole
  • Design understandable and quick-to-read dashboards
  • Knowing at what level to report and what works best for that purpose
  • Create a checklist based on your examples to fall back on to make that lasting impact again and again

After the Story Telling with Data training, you will be able to:

  • Turning numbers into a good story.
  • Building unambiguous visuals that communicate a strong message
  • Making a clear selection for what should and should not be in the dashboard
  • Create intuitive dashboard designs
  • Turning your knowledge of the human brain into designs and presentations and dashboards that present information in a manageable way.

Kosten: 825,- ex BTW

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